460wh 600w battery portable power station

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  • china
  • 32700-6000mAh
  • 220V/600W(Max.1200W)
  • 270*155*150mm
  • 460Wh
  • ≈6.5KG


1. Product description

WELLPACK lithium iron phosphate battery outdoor power station

Use 220V/600W independent switch design

Independent fast charging interface

At the same time, it can charge three different mobile devices

460wh portable power station

WELLPACK-WPE460 outdoor portable power station won the honorary award of "Top Ten Cross-border Good Products in 2022 China (Xiamen) Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair"

1) This is a popular outdoor energy storage power supply

Its weight is 6.5 kilograms

And treatment

Easy to carry

Mobile working and camping are already available

Carry it with you and you will be supplied with power anytime and anywhere

Don't worry about running out of power

2) Is it safe enough?

This model uses automotive Class A lithium iron phosphate batteries

Ensure quality and safety

So you don't have to worry about the safety of energy storage

3) How much is the charge?

Adopt QC fast charging design

Power <600W devices and appliances can be charged

Such as iphone13pro. Camera. Laptop.Switch. Drone. Electric cars, etc.

Long press to turn on the bright light

95% photographic grade LED lighting

The soft lighting is not harsh, and the night lighting is comfortable.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Super fast charge for 1.5 hours

Built-in ultra-precision Coulomb counter

Allows you to control the power more accurately

Farewell, high and low battery display

460wh portable power station

2. Basic information

Product Name: Portable power station

Product model :WPE460

Brand :WELLPACK -- specializing in the development and production of advanced battery energy storage systems

Battery type: Lithium ion


Rated power :460Wh@5hr

Size :270*155* 150mm

Weight :≈6.5 kg

220 v + 10% (50 hz)

Output power :220V/600W(Max. 1200W)

Dc input voltage: Maximum. .2v

Dc input power: Maximum 1000W

Output voltage waveform: sine wave waveform:

Cycle life @25℃, 0.2C,80%DOD:≥2000 times

Operating temperature: charging 0℃~45℃; Discharge -20℃~45℃

Relative humidity :20~95%(no condensation)

3. Additional information

Personalized customized service:


Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Transportation: By sea and air

Certification :ISO9001

battery power station

Battery power station

portable battery station

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