outdoor portable power station with solar panels

As one of the leading manufacturers and factory of outdoor portable power stations, we prideourselves on delivering high-quality power solutions for your outdoor adventures.

  • 32700-6000mAh
  • 20V/600W(Max1200W)
  • 270*155*150mm
  • 460wh
  • ≈6.5KG


outdoor portable power station

WELLPACK-WPE460 outdoor portable power station won the honorary award of "Top Ten Cross-border Good Products in 2022 China (Xiamen) Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair"

1. Product description

To meet your outdoor camping variety of electricity needs, WELLPACK offers you the best lifepo4 outdoor portable power station with solar panels for camping.

In order to meet the diverse needs of various camping appliances, the front of WPE460 lifepo4 outdoor portable power station includes 3 USB independent fast charging and 1 AC socket, totally 4 output interfaces. 

There is a charging socket on the back, which could not only be charged with mains electricity, but also could be powered by solar panels. This means that you can charge the power station in any scene. 

portable power station Manufacturers

The WPE460 outdoor power station has a capacity of 460Wh, with the high power of 600W, most camping appliances and even household appliances can be easily driven. And under the condition of mains or solar charging, it only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%.And the WPE460 outdoor power station uses Automotive Grade A lifepo4 Power Cells,Quality and safety are guaranteed,Let you no longer have safety concerns about energy storage power supply


small kitchen appliances such as rice cookers, small hot pots, and kettles can give you "satisfaction" even outdoors. Use a small rice cooker to make a pot of rice alone, and you can eat fragrant rice in less than half an hour.


With its ultra-high four-color appearance, 600W power, 460Wh large capacity, as well as rich and practical multi-interface design,the best lifepo4 outdoor portable power station WPE460 with solar panels for camping has really brought us an exquisite and perfect outdoor camping experience.

Portable Power Station factory

2. Basic Information 

Product namePortable Power Station

Product modeWPE460

BrandWELLPACK——Focuses on the R&D and production of advanced battery energy storage system

Cell TypeLifepo4 

Cell Model32700-6000mAh

Rated power460Wh@5hr



AC output voltage220V±10%50Hz

Output rating220V/600W (Max. 1200W)

DC input voltageMax. 29.2V

DC input power: Max. 100W

Output voltage waveform: Sine wave

Cycle life @25℃,0.2C80%DOD : 2000 times

Operating TemperatureCharging 0~45; Discharging -20~45

Relative humidity2095%No condensation

Storage Temperature-20~45

Storage time12 months @20~25

3Additional information

SurvicePersonalized customization



Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China  

Transportation: Sea and air  

Certificate: ISO 9001 

 outdoor portable power station

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