solar portable power station for camping

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  • China
  • 335*190*185mm
  • 1170Wh
  • ≈8kg


1. Product description

Fast-charging portable power station use the new original high-performance automotive class power cell, with less heat and long long life, light weight and easy to carry, safe and reliable performance, mostly used for outdoor tourism, outdoor camping and other outdoor scenes.Fast-charging portable power station can meet people's temporary power demand in power failure, outdoor and other power shortage environments. Fast-charging portable power station is applicable for lighting, fans, speakers, laptops, digital devices and other electronic products, with intuitive and simple operation, strong applicability and good user experience.

fast-charging portable power station

2. Basic Information 

Product name:Fast-charging Portable Power Station

Product mode: WP1170

Brand:WELLPACK——Focuses on the R&D and production of advanced battery energy storage system

Cell Type:LFP

Capacity: 1170Wh

3.2V equivalent capacity:193750mAh

Shell material:Aluminum alloy + plastic

Screen material:TFT LCD color screen

LED lighting power:1~2W

Lighting color index:Ra≥90

Light color temperature:4000K

Emergency Lighting Hours:≥150H

DC+AC total output peak power:1200W



Cycle life:2000 cycles DOD≥ 80%

Function:Support solar charging

AC charge:AC200W 3.5 hours
                 PD100W fast charge 7 hours
                 AC200W+PD100W 2.5 hours

                 AC output voltage:220V±10%(50Hz)

Solar panel charging:100W, 8 hours
                                  200W, 4 hours

Car charge:Car charge port up to 6 hours (12V/24V DC 120W)

AC output power:220V 1000W(Peak 1500W)

USB-A output:QC3.0 18W* 3pcs

USB-C Output:PD100W*1 Type-C super fast charge (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A)

Working temperature:-10~45

3,Additional information

Survice:Personalized customization


Logistics:  Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China  

Transportation: Sea and air  

Certificate: ISO 9001 

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